Starting tomorrow, Etna Green Church of Christ will embark on the 21 Day challenge. It's a simple challenge for all of us to read a single chapter of the Gospel of John each day. It will be quite the adventure for the church and I am excited to see how God will work through it.

I will post my reflections from the days reading to this site and link it to my facebook page. 

The challenge is to read the chapter and have in mind these 4 questions:

1. What is John revealing about Jesus here?
2. What do I learn about Godliness?
3. How does this apply to our world?
4. How does this apply to my life?

The challenge also includes the writing of a prayer from the text for the day.

The hope is for all of us who participate to get into a healthy habit of studying God's Word, applying it to our lives and praying from scripture.

I'm excited to see what God will do with his people who truly seek Him.

Grace and Peace,