Mark 1 - The Gospel in 140 characters or less

After reading through the book of John and then Acts, the writing style is noticeably different in the book of Mark. Attention to detail seems to be lost on Mark’s Gospel, his job is to get to the point, as quickly as possible, conveying only the most essential information concerning Jesus. You could almost call it the Twitter Gospel. Mark writes as though he has limited space and is going to say everything you need to know about Jesus, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This has me thinking, what if you could have only one Twitter update to describe the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Would you mention sin, the cross, or the need for atonement from that sin? Would you simply describe it as “Good News”? Would you reference John 3:16? In a few words, a twitter of facebook update, how would you describe the Gospel?

Mark 1:14-15 captures the Gospel here, “Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. ‘The time has come,’ he said. ‘The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!’”

That’s 132 characters if you care. Just enough for a twitter update or a facebook news feed.

While Mark is lacking in flowery description and elaborate story, he covers the essentials of Jesus’ life with precision. When it came to writing about the Gospel, Mark chose Jesus’ sermon that began with these words, “The kingdom of God has come near.”

It wasn’t until college that I really understood the Gospel as the in-breaking kingdom of God. This changed how I viewed my life in Christ. My life as a follower of Christ took on a whole new meaning because of more developed understanding of the Gospel. At least three convictions come from this perspective of the Good News. As a follower of Christ then, 1) I announce the availability of the kingdom of God where Jesus reigns. 2) I show people the way of the kingdom by following Jesus’ teaching and example. And 3) I also give the world a taste of what God’s Kingdom will be like by belonging to body of believers in Jesus Christ who live out the way of the kingdom together, known as the Church.

The Gospel in a few words is this: God’s Kingdom is now available and brought near because of Jesus Christ, through his life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Our response to the nearness of God’s kingdom is to do what Jesus says, “Repent and Believe the Good News!”

A good practice for you might be to write out how you understand the good news in a short, concise statement, that is easy to remember. Publish the Gospel message to twitter, to facebook, or just go down to the coffee shop and share it with a friend!

Prayer – Heavenly Father, I praise and thank you for sending your Son. Through him there is forgiveness and new life, in your kingdom. I long for the day your kingdom will come in full. Until then, I ask for strength by the encouragement of your Spirit to live a faithful life that brings you both honor and glory. Father, forgive me of my sins, lead me in the way of Truth, and most of all, let Your kingdom come and Your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus name, Amen.


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